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Great Reading of the Past
History fiction
Juvenile-Young Adults


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by Alex Markman

A turf war between two biker gangs has erupted, turning the streets of a peaceful city into scenes of Hollywood-style assassinations, explosions, and motorcades to killed gangsters’ funerals. Public outcry, police pressure, media, and politicians seem helpless to curb the violence. In the midst of this turmoil, Claude, an ambitious criminal and sadist, is hired by the Devil’s Knights gang leader, Marcel, for the most hideous job: murder. His hits, thoroughly contemplated and executed, with no evidence left, make large headlines in the local media. Obsessed with revenge against his foe Stanley, one of the rival gang leaders, Claude presses his luck too much in trying to kill this sophisticated gangster. His love affair with Leila, a young and adventurous woman from a middle-class family, complicates his life even more.

The methodical, relentless pursuit of police after him and his bosses brings fruit. Arrested at the crime scene, Claude faces tough choices: death as punishment from the rival gang, death from his own “brothers,” or life in prison. In his desperate attempts to find his way out of a death trap, he stretches the limits of gangsters’ ethics and pays dearly for that.


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