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Payback for Revenge
by Alex Markman

Against the backdrop of wartime Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, Payback for Revenge is a literary suspense saga of a passionate love affair, the murder of a young girl, and the horror of an international prostitution–slave ring.

When a journalist, Chantal, leaves her opulent environment in New York to help Jovan, a Yugoslavian surgeon, hunt down the murderers of his daughter, the couple enters a dark and dangerous world of war, crime, and victimization.

In real life, hundreds of thousands East European girls are smuggled to the West every year, doomed to the worst type of slavery and short, painful lives, to satisfy the insatiable appetites of rich countries for sex. Payback for Revenge tells in literary form about the workings of the biggest hub through which the girls are supplied, while the “civilized world” looks the other way.

Available formats: Mobipocket Electronic Format
Printed Book
Sample of the book:

"Payback for Revenge" delves into the criminal underworld and the vicious cycle that occurs in a world of drugs, prostitution, and the shady dealings that fuel these things around the world. "Payback for Revenge" is a strong pick for criminal thriller fans. 

Midwest Book Review

Payback for Revenge carries readers into unfamiliar territory, provides intriguing details and would make for a good beach read.

ForeWord Clarion Review

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