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Beyond the ShickShock Mountains
by Malcolm Mills

With political tension, dangerous pirates, and ventures into unknown lands, Malcolm Mills’ Beyond the Shickshock Mountains is a vivid historical fiction following three men in the Talon family as they fight against injustice and search for lasting freedom.

The Talon family had settled on North American soil long before the British and the French took it into their heads to feud over it.Three parts of the novel tell the 18th century story of each man, exposing the travels and trials related to exploring and settling a new land, vast as a continent, which later became Canada.

Each must overcome political oppression in order to fight for the free life that is inherently his right, battling against corrupt powers and violent pirates to pursue what is just. Jean George leaves his longtime home and guides many people from his village to a new land. Shannagan runs away from a life of indefinite servitude into an unknown world for the chance to be free, and when Trevallion is captured while attempting to visit home, he makes a daring escape, regains what is stolen from him and his family, and returns to the life he has built for himself.

The quickly moving plots are filled with action and encourage readers to make meaningful connections to history by seeing figures similar to the Talon family as exciting pioneers. Trevallion’s story includes some of the experiences of the Beothuk tribe, lending perspective on the changing positions and trials of indigenous people during North America’s westward expansion.

Danger and intrigue, romance and pirate encounters bring excitement and adventure to these young men of high spirit and love for freedom and justice.

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