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The Moon and Sixpence
by Somerset Maugham

A stockbroker, a seemingly ordinary and boring man in his forties, suddenly leaves his job, family, and all his fortunes in London and settles in Paris. With no money or source of income, he lives in poverty, at the edge of survival. All his formal friends and acquaintances are appalled and can find no explanation for such absurd behavior. The narrator of the story meets him in Paris, just out of sheer curiosity. What extraordinary circumstances can force someone to take such a desperate step? He asks this question and gets the answer, which takes him off the balance. “I want to paint” is the reply.

The book is about a great painter who sacrifices all he has for his art, and for freedom from all connections and anxieties of a comfortable day-to-day life. His life becomes saturated with adventure, sacrifices, and stoic tolerance to all miseries of fate. But never during his harsh time does a consideration for money enter his mind. The moon—a symbol of the artist’s world of imagination—is the only place where he wants to live. Any fortune is just a sixpence for him. It is worth nothing.

Utterly entertaining and suspenseful, The Moon and Sixpence is a profoundly philosophical novel and addresses the eternal question: What is the more important in life: the moon, or sixpence?


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